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Mercury Alliance Holds First Community of Interest Groups Meetings

The Mercury Alliance, an alliance for comprehensive transportation in the state of Missouri, held four Community of Interest Group meetings at the AGC of Missouri office in Jefferson City on Tuesday, July 12, 2016 to discuss the future of Missouri’s comprehensive transportation system. The groups that met include: Highways & Bridges, Innovation, Transit/Bike/Ped/Passenger Rail & Air, and Economic Development. Each group met to discuss Missouri’s transportation system within the context of the group’s focus area.

“The Mercury Alliance exists to carry on a conversation with Missourians and their elected officials regarding the future of our transportation system,” said Jeff Glenn, Executive Director. “Today, four groups started shaping that conversation.”

Eight Community of Interest Groups will continue to meet on a regular basis to provide discussion, research, and materials to increase awareness of the importance of Missouri’s transportation system and to engage elected leaders to pass legislation to preserve and improve it. Mercury Alliance members participate in Community of Interest Groups including: Economic Development, Education & Research, Freight, Industry Advancement & Diversity, Highways & Bridges, Innovation, Safety, and Total Transportation.

To learn more about the Mercury Alliance and become a member, visit the website at

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